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6’x6′ stage scrims are an absolute need for a new band. Stage scrims help your band look professional and exciting at your shows. Here are our 4 top reasons why your band needs a set of 6’x6′ band scrims.

1. Brand Your Group

Your music group is no doubt a high-octane, star studded cast of talented young rock stars. But without a set of band scrims, your musical talent won’t be as awesome as it could be. It is critical to brand yourself with 6’x6′ stage scrims. These band scrims can make a huge difference in your branding by providing a visual aid to all your shows.

2. Inexpensive And Huge Impact

We believe that 6’x6′ band scrims are the most inexpensive part of your marketing efforts. You’ll pay a lot of money elsewhere to market your shows, but 6’x6′ stage scrims are a one time, low cost solution to make a HUGE impact on stage.

In fact, our bands often use 6’x6′ band scrims at big outdoor events – and their stage scrims can be seen from miles away. And in small clubs and bars specifically, band scrims look bright, beautiful and can push your brand into stardom.

3. Improve Your Stage Presence

We’re passionate about the 50/50 rule – 50 percent of your show is the music, and the other 50 percent is the entertainment, stage presence and show. You may have the best music in the world, but if your show is not entertaining, the audience won’t have a great time. With a set of 6’x6′ band scrims, you can easily make your stage look amazing and covert your show into an instant HIT featuring YOU as the best band out there. 6’x6′ stage scrims set the stage with your distinct brand, your flavor and your music.

To learn more about buying 6’x6′ band scrims, give us a shout! Mendy would love to talk directly with your band about your specific needs.

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