8'x10' Band Backdrops

You’ve already dropped several tracks from your newly formed band, and you’re getting regular gigs. It’s time to start branding your band with an 8’x10′ band backdrop!

Since the live event performance sector is so heavily soaked in visuals, it’s critical that your band has a band backdrop so that your brand can be recognizable at all times.

Your band’s music may get the attention of fans during the show, but band backdrops are what will get your band remembered. Here are five tips for buying band backdrops to get you started for a huge year in 2022.

1) Digital Age Means Marketing Your Brand Is More Important Than Ever

It used to be, you can show up, play and sing and rock out, then pass around your merch and business cards and achieve fame through word of mouth. In today’s age, you need to be absolutely everywhere in the fans’ eyes, or your quickly forgotten. We all know fans are 50% on their phone, 50% watching, distracted 100% of the time. When they see you, they need to see your brand in a stage backdrop!

2) Design For Contrast – Or Don’t Bother Using Your Backdrop

Your 8’x10′ band backdrop needs to have your brand’s imagery on it, clearly visible at first glance. If you can’t read band logos or the banner art from 20′ away with the band backdrop up, don’t bother hanging it.

Use red on black, white on black, or yellow on black and other contrasting colors. You want to make sure band logos pop, band names are readable, and text is easily seen by the audience – even when it’s dark.

3) Keep It Simple – 8’x10′ Band Backdrops Are Humble Tools For Bold Artists

Learning how to buy a band backdrop is one thing. Designing it right is another. We know your bands’ music is super complex, rich in detail, and fueled by many late nights of work. But the 8’x10′ stage backdrop does not need to – and should not – convey such complexity. Use your logo, or simple yet well designed artwork so it’s obvious who you are.

Stay away from gradients, too. They don’t work very well in printed material without the backlight of a screen.

4) Make One Focal Point – Not Many

Your 8’x10′ band backdrops should have one focal point, and only one. Give fans one quick, fast focal point that they’ll remember.

Your band needs to stand out from the other bands on the bill by being unique. Instead of trying to be different by using multiple logos or whimsical designs, go for one graphic or one simple message that stands above all else.

Your band’s logo will be enough – it should always be included if possible.

5) Try To Avoid Photographic Images On Your 8’x10′ Band Backdrop

Photographic images don’t work well on 8’x10′ stage backdrops. The lighting will wash out your band’s imagery, or make it look like a bad photocopy.

Besides, when band backdrops are used for music performances, chances are the band is already on stage in front of the band backdrop.

Since 8’x10′ backdrops are printed on 70/30 vinyl mesh, photographic images will appear slightly washed out on the band backdrop and dull-looking.

If you’re ready to buy 8’x10′ band backdrops, or just want more info, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll get you started in the right direction!

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