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Before you print band banners or cloth band backdrops, we always recommend taking a step back to look at the various types of materials and the unique qualities of each one. Today we’re highlighting cloth and it’s advantages.

  • What is a cloth band backdrop made from?
  • Are cloth banners made from a cheap fabric?
  • Should I get a custom cloth backdrop, or a custom mesh backdrop?

What Cloth Band Backdrops Are Made From

Cloth fabric band banners are can be made from a variety of types of fabrics. Some common types of materials are: canvas, poly poplin, celtic cloth, polyester, nylon and more. But not two fabrics are the same; each type of material that’s available at printers varies greatly when it comes to the look, how soft it feels, the durability and overall aesthetic. Some materials are called fabric when in reality, they are cheap blend of polyester and vinyl materials. Other materials are at the very top of the spectrum in terms of quality and feel, but the cost factor might not be worth it for your needs (more on that below).

At NorthCoast Banners, we’ve tested different types of fabric materials extensively, both in our production facility and in the real world. Hundreds of touring bands have used our fabrics for their band scrims and backdrops so we’ve gotten a strong sense from them what works best. The results? Celtic cloth.

Celtic cloth is durable yet light, soft to the touch, and colors print vibrantly. It also comes at reasonable price compared to other high end fabrics.

Are Cloth Fabric Band Banners Cheap?

When you walk into a car dealer, a shopping mall, or a downtown restaurant area, you get what you pay for. Celtic cloth band banners cost more than vinyl mesh, but the color vibrancy is just beautiful as can be seen in these photos. Since they are a fabric, you can easily fold them down to fit anywhere – in a small carry on suitcase, your backpack, or under a case of beer since they won’t crease much either. Vinyl mesh can crease, and it is a lot heavier.

Should I Buy A Cloth Backdrop Or Vinyl Mesh Backdrop?

Ultimately, there are two factors to consider for you to answer this question:

  1. Budget. Can your band handle the budget for a cloth backdrop? They will look stunning on stage, but if you are an up-and-coming band and you’re still on ramen noodles, you might want to consider saving the cost and getting a vinyl mesh backdrop or stage scrims, which will also look wonderful on stage.
  2. Do you play at big outdoor events? Think of the size of your venues as it relates to your backdrop size. The big advantage of vinyl mesh is that it allows the air and sound to flow through; if you’re buying a large backdrop to go up at a big outdoor stage, you’ll need the blowthrough mesh to ensure the wind has somewhere to pass through. Additionally, stage scrims, such as 6’x6′ scrims, are usually placed in front of amps so mesh will allow the sound to flow through.

We can help guide you, contact us if you have any further questions on the types of materials for your band backdrop.

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