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Like so many of us, you probably spent the last two years or so inside your house; after the sourdough bread making and tiktok challenges wore off, you likely found yourself with quite a bit of time to do some necessary thinking and reflecting. Maybe you started thinking about marketing your band when things open back up. A custom stage backdrop can be a great way to build your band’s brand.

Maybe you’re new to this. You may have used the last few years to get clarity on how you truly want to live your life. Perhaps you even decided to take the plunge to take your beloved musical hobby to the next level. Going from writing and playing music for yourself in your garage to performing live for a crowd can seem insurmountable.

Like all things, it may just take a bit of time, a lot of patience, and some capital. As the age old adage goes, “it takes money to make money”. Though this is true, if you are strategic about how your band’s branding money is spent, you’ll be making it back in no time.

Music > Everything

First and foremost, invest in your product. Great music takes time, and a great team of people working on it. If you’re newer to the game and looking for someone to help with the process, you may benefit from finding a music producer who creates the type of sound you’re going for.

When you don’t have your own studio set up, a producer will look into studios in the area and work with you on booking time with a recording engineer.

If you already possess the recording engineer and production skills, you’re well on your way; you may have even purchased studio equipment and audio gear so you can manage your own recording process.

Whatever avenue you choose, there will be some capital in the upfront. Know that this is the most important investment you can make when it comes to creating an excellent musical product that gains loyal fans and a powerful following.

Custom Graphics For Your Socials & Beyond

All the songwriting sessions and long nights in the studio are starting to pay off, and you’re ready to begin promoting your work. Now is the time to get your socials together – YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify – you name it, you get it.

This is where you may want to employ the use of a professional graphic designer – someone who can help you hone in your band’s visual branding and curate what your digital “look” will be. The work of a graphic designer could range from assisting with curating a consistent aesthetic across online platforms, to designing album covers and merchandise, to everything in between.

A graphic designer may even be able to help you put together a website so all your existing work, information on upcoming projects, and socials can all be accessed from the same place. If your graphic designer doesn’t specialize in web design, they’ll certainly be able to point you in the direction of someone who does.

Custom Stage Backdrops To Make A Splash

Your socials and website are live. Your music is out there and you’re finally ready to step out into the world with live performances. An invaluable investment your band can make at this point is in custom band backdrops and stage scrims that proudly display your band’s name, logo, or imaging (this is also where you would benefit from the help of a graphic designer!).

The purpose of these products are to fill the stage or performance area with your band’s branding – getting your name out there in order to turn one time live listeners into full time fans.
While you have an audience, get their attention with your band backdrop or stage scrims so it’s impossible to forget your band and the feeling your music gave them.

Durable, lightweight, and cost effective, custom band backdrops and stage scrims from NorthCoast Banners are one of the wisest investments you can make when building your band’s brand and presence.

Take it from Jason Martell , who notes that his band Raglan Road has “ordered 3 backdrops over the last 7 years from NorthCoast, and the quality is incredible…they have seen over 600 live shows!”.

The math puts that at least 200 shows performed with just one custom stage backdrop. Think of how many photos and videos audience members could take and share to their social media networks at just one show featuring your custom stage backdrop or scrim, and then multiply that by 200.

There’s no limit to the amount of future fans that are just around the corner, and all you have to do is let them know you exist. Let NorthCoast Banners do some of the work for you with our custom stage backdrops and scrims.

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