Banner Packages

(1) 8‘X10’ AND (2) 6‘X6’S

Mesh Price: $640 | Cloth Price: $695

Designed for small to medium size venues, this package is a versatile mix that works for many stage sizes.

(1) 8‘X8’ AND (2) 5‘X5’S

Mesh Price: $535 | Cloth Price: $585

At a slightly narrower footprint than the 8’x10′, the 8’x8′ enhances the scrims view with a nicely rounded out stage design.

(1) 8‘X10’ AND (2) 10‘X3’S

Mesh Price: $615 | Cloth Price: $690

For smaller stages with less width, this package provides a great look without the scrims taking up a lot of real estate at your shows.

(1) 8‘X8’ AND (2) 6‘X6’S

Mesh Price: $600 | Cloth Price: $670

This package is similar to the 8’x8′ and 5’x5’s, yet the 6’x6′ size allows for a slightly larger scrim look and a stronger stage branding.

(1) 10‘X15’ AND (2) 7‘X3’S

Mesh Price: $830 | Cloth Price: $915

This 10’x15′ backdrop will give your shows a massive impact, along with the 7’x3′ duo to complete the effect. Best for wider stages to accommodate this backdrop size.

(1) 10‘X15’ AND (2) 6‘X6’S

Mesh Price: $910 | Cloth Price: $1,010

The 6’x6’s along with the large backdrop create a huge impact for fans at your next show, with a dazzling display of your artwork that will be impossible to miss.