To print a band backdrop on cloth? Or to print banner on vinyl mesh? That is the question.

Cloth Band Backdrops – Pros & Cons

A cloth band backdrop is an excellent option for bands that are on tour a lot. They don’t wrinkle or crease like mesh and they weigh less than half the weight of a mesh banner. For example, a 10’x15′ mesh banner will weigh 12 lbs. The same size cloth band banner will weigh approximately 5 lbs. Also, due to the material, you can throw the banner into a full suitcase and not worry about creasing when you get to your destination. The cloth band banners are the way to go if you are travelling a lot, especially if your banner is large.

The downside of the cloth backdrop is that it doesn’t work well outdoors. Since it is a solid piece of material it can easy turn into a sail with a big gust of wind and topple over. Also, it is more pricey than the mesh as it is a higher end product and more involved to produce.


Mesh Band Backdrops – Pros & Cons

Mesh backdrops are a great rugged material that work well both indoors and outdoors. These banners are made of 70/30 vinyl mesh which means 70% of the banner is vinyl material and 30% is tiny holes. These holes allow for air and sound to easily flow through. If you choose to place a speaker behind a mesh banner the sound won’t get muffled or be negatively affected at all. Another plus of the mesh is that it works great for outdoor gigs. The holes allow for wind and air to flow through easily so it should withstand normal winds.

The downside of mesh backdrops is that mesh does crease. This can be difficult to deal with if you are travelling with your banners. We recommend getting a shipping tube to store the banner in so you can roll it instead of folding to avoid additional creasing.


Do you have additional questions about both of these popular materials or other material options? Contact us by clicking here.

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