Cloth Band Banners vs Mesh Band Banners

Find the right type of material for your shows.

Cloth Banners

Cloth banners look stunning on stage, with vibrant colors. Here are the key features of cloth printed band backdrops and stage scrims.

  • Wrinkle free
  • Fold it into a small size to transport
  • Foldable without getting wrinkled
  • Colors print vibrantly and in stunning definition
  • Deep color saturation creates vivid appearance
  • Light, folds small, easy to take on a plane or on tour

Click on the images below to view cloth band banner photos in action.

Vinyl Mesh Banners

Our mesh is great for outdoor shows and allows air and music to flow through.

  • 70/30 weave allows wind to flow through
  • Great for outdoor shows or high-wind areas
  • Won’t block sound in front of large speaker stacks
  • Rugged material won’t rip or tear at edges
  • Long lasting material holds up to the elements for years
  • Strong weather resistance

Click on the images below to view vinyl mesh band banner photos in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cloth banners expensive?

The good news is: Not at all! They used to be, but in mid 2021, while pricing on raw goods started to increase across the industry, NorthCoast Banners found a way to find better pricing on cloth materials so our band clients can buy cloth band backdrops and cloth scrims at great pricing. They are only slightly higher in cost than mesh. Contact us for a price quote today!

Are vinyl mesh banners good for indoor shows and outdoor shows?

You can certainly use vinyl mesh banners for both indoor and outdoor shows. Since they are a 70/30 weave material, they allow air and sound to pass through the banners, reducing the tension on the stage, or your banner stand structure.

How can I hang my banners?

Both our cloth and vinyl mesh banners can be finished with pole pockets top and bottom, and grommets every 2′ all four sides. This allows you to hang them using zip ties, rope, or anything else you have available. You can also use the pole pockets to slide your stand through the pockets.

What is the life expectancy of a cloth or mesh banner?

It depends how much you use them, and the weather conditions. But for the most part, our customers report using their banners for at least 2 to 3 years without any problems, or even up to 4 to 5 years. That makes it a sure investment!