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There is a heightened risk of fires in small spaces like clubs and music venues. Therefore, flame retardant materials are required by law to improve fire safety. NorthCoast Banners provides flame retardancy certificates for band banners and stage scrims. 

Counting Stars - 70/30 mesh banner - NorthCoast Banners

Counting Stars –10×15 and 5×8 70/30 mesh banner – NorthCoast Banners

The Need for Flame Retardant Materials

We’ve all been watching the devastating news of fires around the world, both in the wild and in populated areas. At NorthCoast Banners, we are particularly aware of the threat of fire. As such, we value fire safety and flame retardant banners and backdrops. 

“Being a native Aussie, the current bushfires raging Down Under are hitting close to home,” says NorthCoast Banners Band Banner Sales Manager Chevi Rimler-Holland. “I remember growing up and being affected by the annual bushfires every summer, but this year the damage is so much worse. It’s painful to see how many lives and all the wildlife that have been lost.”

Bushfires-Flame Retardant- NorthCoast Banners

Bushfires raging across Australia

A Deadly History of Fires

Unfortunately, those in the music industry are no strangers to the risk of fires. In 2013, a fire in a popular nightclub in Brazil claimed the lives of more than 200 people. 

Ten years earlier, the infamous Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island killed 100 people, including Great White guitarist Ty Longley. It also injured another 200 people. 

In fact, that fire was caused by pyrotechnics that ignited flammable acoustic foam in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage. A lack of fire safety requirements and flame retardant stage banners and backdrops created a tragedy.

Flame Retardant Band Banners & Backdrops

In response to the heightened risk of fires in music venues, banners, mesh banners, and backdrops in such venues are required by law to meet certain flame retardancy standards. 

To ensure fire safety, venues will ask to see a flame retardancy certificate before allowing a band’s stage decor (banners, backdrops, and stage scrims) to enter the space. Thus, bands may only utilize flame retardant banners and backdrops. 

6x6 Band Banner-Flame Retardant-NorthCoast Banners

6’x6’ Band Banner by NorthCoast Banners

Putting fire safety front and center, NorthCoast Banners tests all materials used for band stage design. We ensure our products meet legal requirements for fire safety as set by the National Fire Protection Association. These fire safety certificates are available to download as a PDF with purchase of our products, including 70/30 vinyl mesh, banner stands, and scrims

Fire Retardant - Flame Retardant - NorthCoast Banners

Now that you can be confident in the fire safety of your band’s stage banners, check out these tips for designing great stage backdrops and improving your stage presence!


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