Band banners are a fantastic way to gain instant brand recognition for your band. With the right design and right material, your band banner is one the ABC’s for any band. Here’s some great tips to making the right choices for your banners.Band Banners 4

1. What Design Will You Have On Your Band Banner?


Your first step is design. Many bands will use their album artwork for their banners, but a large percentage will design specifically for their band banners. What looks good on a 12″x12″ album cover may not look good at all at a 10 foot wide banner, let alone a 15 or 20 foot wide band banner. We recommend using sharp colors that contrast well with each other – like black and white, red on black, yellow on blue and so on. Using pastel colors, like green on brown, pinks, rose, and gray will camouflage your logo or message. We’ve got a great article with design tips that you should probably check out.

A band banner is just like a street sign: it must communicate a specific message! It is critical to remember the message that you want your audience to see, and if you do it right they will walk out of the show with your band’s logo emblazoned in their eyeballs.

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2. What Size Banner Is Right For Your Band?


You’d never walk around in size 10 shoes if your foot fits size 8, so don’t do that with your band banner! Call the venues you play at most often and find out the size of the stages, then gather the numbers and pick a band banner that fits most of the clubs or festivals you’ll be playing at. Typically, large outdoor summer festivals can handle 20 foot or even 30 foot stage backdrops, while indoor venues can range anywhere between 5 or 6 feet wide and up.

Of course, the size of your band banner is the greatest factor in the price, so keep your budget in mind and check out some pricing ideas.

Band Banners 3

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3. How Will You Set Up Your Stage (And Your Band Banners)?

There are TWO main ways bands use banners: as scrims, set up on either side of the drummer (often called band scrims, stage scrims or amp scrims) and secondly, as a backdrop behind the drummer. When you’re touring a lot of smaller venues, stage scrims are often the easiest and most convenient type of band banner: you can set up two 6’x6′ scrims at almost any venue, even the really small ones!

But if you’re on summer tour, a backdrop is the best option; you can go big, really big on some of those outdoor summer festival stages.

Band Banners 2


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