Design A Band Backdrop

Are you looking for a way to improve your band’s stage presence and make a lasting impression on your audience? knowing how to design a band backdrop to maximize your stage presence can make a big difference in how your audience receives you.

Benefits of Having a Custom Band Backdrop

A band backdrop represents your band’s logo, colors, and overall vibe through artistic design elements. By looking at your backdrop, your audience will be able to get a feel for your band before you play the first note. It looks professional and gets your audience pumped for the performance.

If you are trying to grow your audience, having a stunning backdrop hanging behind you while you perform makes it easy for your band’s name to stick in people’s minds. If they like your music, having your band name clearly displayed on the backdrop makes it easy for them to find your music online.

Band backdrops add visual interest to the stage and improve the audience’s experience. Your backdrop will enhance the performance and help leave a positive, lasting impression on your audience.

How to Design a Band Logo and Backdrop

If you already have a logo for your band, it’s important that the letters and other design elements will be visible and legible when they are transferred to the backdrop. It’s best to avoid light and pastel colors that are hard to see from the audience’s view.

If you haven’t designed your band’s logo yet, here are a few simple design tips to help you get started.

1. Imitate What Works

While designing a logo may seem overwhelming, the good news is that you don’t have to come up with a completely original concept. 

Research logos that have worked well for other bands in your genre and take inspiration from those. 

Don’t copy anyone else’s logo, but see what design elements, styles, and colors work well.

2. Reflect Your Band’s Style and Sound

If you’re a country band, your logo may incorporate neutral tones and rustic design elements. Pop bands may choose vibrant hues and retro styling. You can make a vision board and pull together ideas visually to get a clearer picture of what you want your logo to look like.

 Color is one of the most important aspects of a logo, so do a little research on color meanings and choose the ones that most accurately portray you and your music.

3. Make Your Logo Effective

Logos that succeed make a strong impression on the audience. They are designed to be eye-catching, memorable, and timeless. 

While most companies make small tweaks to their logos over the years, the main concept remains the same. Companies like Nike and Apple have used the same logo from the beginning.

 It’s best to avoid flashy design trends when designing your band logo. Make your logo easy to understand so your audience can grasp the concept of your band quickly.

4. Know Your Art specifications

Any printer that you work with will have specifications of what they need to make sure your printed logo looks it’s best. 

At NorthCoast  banners we have a couple of options for art. 

Vector Art

The first is that the art is in fully scalable vector format. Vector format is usually used for simpler logos, usually not photographic images. All the lines in the art are outlined so that they are scalable to any size.

For vector art NorthCoast Banners needs the file in any size, it just has to be in the correct aspect ratio. For example on a 8’x10′ it would be 8″ HIGH x 10″ WIDE.

JPG, PSD ect.

If your art is not a vector, NorthCoast Banners has specifications for the resolution of the art. We can accept a variety of file formats including JPG, PSD, TIFF etc. The file should be saved at 150 dpi, in full print size. The  8’x10′ would be 96″ HIGH x 120″ WIDE.

Make sure to check that your image isn’t blurry or pixelated at this size. You can check this by zooming into your image until it is at print size on your screen. Check each of the key elements in your design to ensure they’re all up to print resolution. 

If you have your art ready you can upload it through our website. Once you send us your art, our team will work to get you a proof and quote. 

Choosing the Right Material for Your Band Backdrop

Our band backdrops are made with the best materials that look great and last a long time. We offer cloth and mesh band backdrops to bring you exactly what you need.

Our cloth band backdrops are lightweight and crease-resistant. If you travel a lot, selecting a cloth backdrop may be the best option. Cloth banners typically weigh about half as much as mesh ones, so they are much easier to transport between venues. However, if your band often performs outdoors, mesh may be the way to go. In windy conditions your cloth banner will act like a sail where a mesh banner will allow the wind to pass through it. 

Mesh band backdrops are sturdier and heavier than cloth backdrops, so they can be used indoors or outdoors. Our most popular mesh material is a 70/30 mesh. This mesh is 70% vinyl and 30% holes.

Mesh is an excellent material to use for band backdrops because air and sound can move through the holes. You can use it outdoors in windy weather or place a speaker behind it with no issues. 

A mesh backdrop can be heavier to transport. It’s important to store it by rolling it up and putting it in a tube to keep it wrinkle-free.


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