The Worlds Most Versatile & Portable Stage

Create a flat, level stable surface in seconds nearly anywhere.

Why your touring band will love a MyStage

NorthCoast Banners has partnered with our good friends at MyStage to bring you this incredibly light, easy to travel portable stage for touring bands. We think it’s the perfect option for quick set up on the road. Here are some of the amazing features of MyStage:

  • Made from high grade, lightweight aluminum, the MyStage® is the world’s lightest 40lbs (18 kg) and most versatile portable stage and riser
  • Combining the ease of use of a folding table with the strength and stability of a professional stage
  • Create a flat, level and stable surface nearly anywhere in seconds (less than 1minute set up)
  • Each 4’ x 4’ deck folds in half to 2’x 4’ for easy carrying transporting and storage 122 cm x 122cm, folded 61cm x122 cm
  • The 5th leg in the center reduces deflection or bounce making it very strong and exceptionally stable
  • MyStage® is the perfect fit for anyone who has to haul and set up their own gear or storage space is an issue
  • Maximum height 28” thats nearly 2.5 feet high, Minimum height 4” (Max= 71 cm, min = 10.16cm)
  • Connect as many stages as need quickly and easily no tools needed, all parts included
  • Easy to carry and transport with shoulder strap included, and easy storage

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1 Skirting 16’ x 2.5’ Black Velcro Adhesive for Portable Stage



1 MyStage – Gear Bag for Portable Stage



1 Railing for Portable Stage 4′ sections



1 MyStage 4’x4’ Portable Stage decks


Frequently Asked Questions

How big is MyStage® ?

4’x4’ decks, folds in half to 2’x4’. Min height 4”, Min height with legs 17”, micro adjustments up to Max height 28”.

What are metric system measurements in centimeters?

121.92 cm x 121.92 cm, min height 10.16 cm, min height with legs 44.45 cm, max height 71.12 cm. weight 18 kg

How big can I make MyStage® ?

As big as you want. You can easily connect all 4 side of each 4’x4’ unit to create any size or shape using squares.

What is weight of MyStage® ?

The total weight of MyStage® is 40 lbs.

Is MyStage® ok for outdoor use?

Yes, MyStage® was designed to make a flat-level surface on uneven terrain outdoors. It’s durable construction of primarily aluminum and does not rust its perfect for outdoor use.

Can 1 person set up MyStage® ?

Yes one person can easily set-up MyStage® in about 1 minute, no tools required and can connect as many units as needed. See video here.