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Many bands don’t consider the value of stage design and stage backdrops unless they’re touring. However, the art of stage design can be invaluable to promote a band’s overall image and concert experience!

Bands typically start with basic stage design elements such as large stage backdrops or banners, but there are so many easy ways to take things to the next level. Quality stage design can change any venue space into a unique experience that help a band stand out among the rest.

mesh stage backdrop-backdrops for bands- north coast banners

8X10 Mesh Stage Backdrop As A Basic Stage Design Element

Stage Backdrops As Art

Any stage elements you use should enhance your performance, not distract from it. High profile bands work with top-dollar designers to create elaborate sets. For example, rock band U2 is well knows for having worked with the same creative director, Willie Williams, for nearly 40 years!

But just because your stage backdrops and design budget might not be huge, there is still potential. If your band has put out an album or two, you’ve certainly worked with an artist or designer to create cover art. Consider how you can use these designs on stage backdrops to create large scale artworks on stage.

If you already have some elements of your design, whether it’s specific equipment or album artwork, think about how you can re-purpose or update the materials. Don’t make the mistake if displaying old stage banners with outdated artwork or old band lineups. It’s easy enough to order replacements that will provide a cohesive, creative look for your stage.

Stage Banners And Movement

Wind machines and fog machines are popular in set design. These tools create an automatic ambiance that can add to your stage presence. However, you want to make sure your stage backdrops and banners are equipped to handle air movement without sound distortion or safety risks.

If you are interesting in adding stage elements like air/movement, be sure to check out these tips on how to buy band backdrops. For example, consider the information on different banner materials and acoustic transparency. As we know, your stage design should complement and enhance your performance, not cause audio problems or hazards!

Fabric Stage Backdrops

If you’re looking for a durable set piece that still exudes luxury and high quality, consider fabric in your design. Cloth banners are often called the ultimate “gold standard in backdrop printing.” Additionally, you can easily accent a stage with solid fabric swatches to save on your printing budget.

cloth backdrop - backdrops for bands - north coast banners

Cloth Stage Backdrops Create a Rich Set Design

Height & Layers To Define Space

There are lots of different ways to make even a simple set seem more dynamic. An easy and not too expensive approach is to utilize a variety banner and backdrop sizes. You can also make use of stage ramps and risers to create more visual interest versus a flat set.

15x25-15x8-5x8-backdrop banner package- backdrops for bands

Multi-Size Layers For A Dynamic Stage Design (1) 15×25, (2) 15×8, (2) 5×8

Be Creative

The key to standing out is to get creative and stay in theme. Think about the message or feeling you want to convey to your audience and start brainstorming and sketching!

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