How To Get More Gigs For Your Band

One of the biggest challenges most bands face is how to land more gigs.

How can your band get gigs in the hottest clubs? How get onstage at an upcoming fair or festival? How to make good money performing?

DO stay local:

Contact your local county fairs, beer gardens, pubs and bars. They love to have local talent perform and are constantly looking for a great show. The audience loves to hear from a local band and it always gets the crowd excited knowing that your band is one of those gigs.

DO make friends.

If you are in attendance at a fair you’d like to be a part of, schmooze, socialize and chat with everyone! Make friends and get connections, you never know where it can lead and it can help your band find the right contact person to help you get the gig.

DO keep your social media up to date.

It’s #amazing how many bands get gigs just because they are active on Instagram. Venues and fairs are always looking for talent and one of the first places they check out is social media to see which band has a big following and will bring crowds. Once the gigs start coming to you, you can demand higher pay and be more picky about which events you choose to perform for.

DON’T give up:

Contact management at the venue and keep calling until you get through to the right person. It can be confusing figuring out who is in charge of booking you the gig but if you continue to follow up, you will speak to the right person eventually. Once you have their info it’s easy to get a repeat gig with them the following year. Festivals, fairs and bars are always looking for talent – they need you! Keep that in mind when your making your 18th call and waiting on hold for what feels like forever.

DO sweat the small stuff.

Some fairs pay very little and it can be disappointing to work so hard for such little pay. Give it time, after a few years you will see the paychecks go up. Bands can make upwards of $4,000 for fair gigs once you become better known and wanted by venues, but they can start off bringing in only $300 for a first timer. A backdrop can always help improve your look and boost your fame!

Special thank you to Tony from @blackwaterband and Thomas from @weekendatjimmys for their input.