How To Buy Band Scrims For Your Band

Buying band scrims can be the best investment you can make in your band, for the following reasons:

  • It takes your logo and image to the next level, with your logo on a large scrim and in EVERYONE’S eyeballs at your shows
  • Your band scrims makes your band looks legit; the instant you show up with serious stage banners showcasing your artwork or logo, your band already looks professional
  • Band scrims will actually improve the sound of your music. The audience comes for a good show just as much as they come for music, and they’ll have a lot more fun with an awesome-looking stage

So how should you go about the process of buying band scrims? Let us help you with these tips!

1. Create Your Artwork

Your artwork for your band scrims is of critical importance: if you don’t pick the right design, your logo or message might get lost on the band scrims. We recommend: strong bright colors that pop brightly against each other. If you don’t have time or money to do something complex, black and white always works – and it will always POP. Pastel colors like grays, green, brown and such will blend and will not make your logo pop brightly. The goal here is make sure the design POPS in your audience’s eyes, and bright colors will do that best. Additionally, keep the design simple; busy designs will only subtract from the banner.

2. Decide What Size You Really Need

When looking at sizes for band scrims or stage backdrops, there are two factors. One, the size stage scrims or backdrop that your stages can fit, and secondly, your budget. Generally, if you’re playing in small clubs and bars, 6’x6′ band scrims are perfect – and they are very budget friendly, even for new bands. But if your budget is a little bigger and your stages are wider (like large bars, or outdoor music festival etc), we recommend larger band backdrops like 8’x10’s, 15’x20’s and similar sizes. The basic rule of thumb with band banners: BIGGER is always better, since the bigger the scrim or backdrop, the more your audience will take notice of you and remember your band. band backdrops - 8x8

3. Make The Purchase With Enough Time Before Your Tour

Here’s a fun fact: many bands wait until last minute to order band scrims. Our turnaround time is pretty fast (usually 4-5 days), but there can be artwork hitches, special specifications for your band scrims and suchlike – these details can take time. Just like the rest of your merch, band scrims should be right at the top of the priority list to take care of way in advance of your tour.