To make it as a musician, you need people to hear you. But how can you reach a broad audience? If you’re trying to figure out how to get more streams for your band on Spotify or Apple Music, we are here to help!

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips that will help you increase your streaming numbers, and discuss other ways to get your band out in front of new audiences.

Getting Your Music Recognized

First and foremost, make sure your music sounds great. This is the most important factor when it comes to getting people to listen to your band. Make sure you choose your best few songs and record them on high-quality equipment. Once you feel like you’re ready to get your music out to fans, follow these tips for Spotify and Apple Music.

How to Increase Streams for Your Band on Spotify

  1. Submit it! If you’re not on a record label, you will need to use a music distribution company like TuneCore or CDBaby.
  2. Claim your profile. Once you become a verified artist you can access marketing tools and other helpful resources to prompt your music.
  3. Create a playlist. Weave together a list of your original tunes on Spotify complemented by other popular artists in the same genre or with a similar theme. Update the playlist(s) regularly and be sure to appeal to current trends to get more plays.
  4. Utilize Spotify Ad Studio. These platform-specific resources can help you increase your followers and streams.
  5. Share your Spotify code. Spotify codes are like QR labels for music! You can create them and share them across social media, email, text, etc. to increase streams. You can even have them printed onto your stage scrims or band backdrops so folks watching videos or seeing you live will know where to find your music!

How to Increase Streams for Your Band on Apple Music

  1. Get that music loaded. Just like Spotify, to add music on Apple Music you’ll need to go through a distributor.
  2. Create compelling cover art. One thing that has stayed the same with Apple Music is that it’s a very visual space. You’ve likely spent some effort or money designing a band logo, cover art, or graphics for your stage setup (scrims, backdrop, bass drum decal, etc.). Now it’s time to use that to increase streams!
  3. Use Apple’s marketing tools. Apple Music offers a suite of assets including custom badges and links you can add to your website or use on social media.
  4. Follow trends to see what users are listening to. Apple Music for Artists offers analytic tools to help you better understand your audience and cater to them.
  5. Save your resources. Apple Music only allows for “pre-saves” of full albums, unlike Spotify which allows it for singles. Thus, it might be more cost-effective to stick to one platform as you work to create more music.
  6. Create a station on Apple Music Radio. While you can create a playlist, as on Spotify, the radio option might increase your reach.

Utilize Social Media to Get More Streams for Your Band

Promote your music on social media. If you have a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter account for your band, be sure to post links to your Spotify or Apple Music pages. Your band can also use hashtags to reach new listeners who might be interested in your type of music. Share photos of your band members, videos of live performances, and even rehearsals. Let your audience get to know you. Finally, don’t forget to ask your fans to share and stream your music! If they enjoy it, they’ll be more likely to do so.

Takeaways on How to Get More Streams on Spotify Or Apple Music

Music streaming is advancing in a way that allows more bands to get in the game. Spotify is one of the best places to share your music with the world and grow your fanbase, and Apple Music is continuing to evolve and grow.

However, success on online streaming services can be challenging. Thus, it’s important to stay proactive, release great music, and engage with your fans and audience. There are so many ways that you can be creative in reaching audiences, so think about addressing multiple senses: audio appeal, visual excitement, and emotional connection.

And it’s crucial that you continue to grow your brand organically. Think outside the box! Get out there and perform, and always utilize your stage scrims and backdrops to promote your social media and streaming profiles. You’ll find more success and satisfaction when fans have a genuine interest and appreciation of your music. Best of luck!


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