Almost 80 percent of merch sales happen at concerts. Beyond that, merch sales can quietly be a significant income stream for a band. In a world where it takes roughly 5000 streams on Spotify to barely make $20, all forms of income should be welcomed.

In other words, as a musician, it’s worth it to do your best to make your merch table pop. And hey, a custom band backdrop or flag is another fun way to express your artistry.

Here are some tips on how to improve your band merch table at your next concert.

Variety Is the Spice of Life, Ya Know?

Band t-shirts are as classic as Coca-Cola, but there’s no reason to keep your merch so limited. Offer a smorgasbord of cool stuff – hats, stickers, buttons, magnets, posters, bandanas, whatever. And that merchandise can all sit upon a customized tablecloth with your band logo.

Create Show Specific Merch

People want to remember the night, so help them. Design merch that’s exclusive to the live show, such as individually numbered limited edition posters or vinyl records with show-specific artwork.

Collaborate for Merch with Visual Artists You Love

Team up with artists or fellow bands to make merch that fuses your music with a style of art that you love. Not only do you expand your creative horizons – but it’s an effective form of marketing. The artist will promote the merch, helping you tap into a new network of potential fans.

Make Your Banner Design Clear and Bold (Or Maybe Add a Flag!)

People at your show are gonna be looking for the merch table. This might sound obvious, but make sure that it’s easy to find. The backing banner design should be bold and unmissable. It’s worth the investment.

Talk to People, Be Cool, Engage in Conversation 

Don’t just stand behind your merch table like a mannequin. Engage with show attendees. Take photos with them in front of a step and repeat. They’re there to see you – and they’ll be grateful for the opportunity to chat. (You’ll increase sales, as well.)

Keep Your Prices Reasonable

Set modest prices that won’t break the bank. Consider bundle deals or discounts for multiple purchases to encourage people to buy multiple items. 

Ensure Payments Are Easy 

Cash is king. But the reality is people pay in all sorts of ways. Fees are annoying, yes, but not making a sale because you don’t take a credit card is even more annoying. Set your merch table up to take payments across the board – cash, cards, mobile payment apps, the whole shebang. 

Stay Ahead of Inventory Management 

Make sure the operations of your merch table are on point. Ensure whoever is working the booth that they’re ready to restock, keeping ahead of the best-sellers.

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