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How To Buy Band Banners

Band banners are a fantastic way to gain instant brand recognition for your band. With the right design and right material, your band banner is one the ABC’s for any band. Here’s some great tips to making the right choices for your banners.Band Banners 4

1. What Design Will You Have On Your Band Banner?


Your first step is design. Many bands will use their album artwork for their banners, but a large percentage will design specifically for their band banners. What looks good on a 12″x12″ album cover may not look good at all at a 10 foot wide banner, let alone a 15 or 20 foot wide band banner. We recommend using sharp colors that contrast well with each other – like black and white, red on black, yellow on blue and so on. Using pastel colors, like green on brown, pinks, rose, and gray will camouflage your logo or message. We’ve got a great article with design tips that you should probably check out.

A band banner is just like a street sign: it must communicate a specific message! It is critical to remember the message that you want your audience to see, and if you do it right they will walk out of the show with your band’s logo emblazoned in their eyeballs.

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2. What Size Banner Is Right For Your Band?


You’d never walk around in size 10 shoes if your foot fits size 8, so don’t do that with your band banner! Call the venues you play at most often and find out the size of the stages, then gather the numbers and pick a band banner that fits most of the clubs or festivals you’ll be playing at. Typically, large outdoor summer festivals can handle 20 foot or even 30 foot stage backdrops, while indoor venues can range anywhere between 5 or 6 feet wide and up.

Of course, the size of your band banner is the greatest factor in the price, so keep your budget in mind and check out some pricing ideas.

Band Banners 3

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3. How Will You Set Up Your Stage (And Your Band Banners)?

There are TWO main ways bands use banners: as scrims, set up on either side of the drummer (often called band scrims, stage scrims or amp scrims) and secondly, as a backdrop behind the drummer. When you’re touring a lot of smaller venues, stage scrims are often the easiest and most convenient type of band banner: you can set up two 6’x6′ scrims at almost any venue, even the really small ones!

But if you’re on summer tour, a backdrop is the best option; you can go big, really big on some of those outdoor summer festival stages.

Band Banners 2


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4 Ways To Improve Your Band’s Stage Presence At Shows

10'x10' Stage Backdrop

Every band looks for ways to improve their shows on stage for your gigs, large and small. Stage presence is critical to your performance, since the visual experience makes a critical difference in the overall quality of the show and the music.

Here are four great ways to improve your band’s stage presence:

1. Get A Band Backdrop Or Stage Scrims

Custom band backdrops (or stage backdrops) and custom stage scrims are super ways to instantly amp up your shows. Custom band scrims and band backdrops are inexpensive, so any size band – even a brand new, up-and-coming band – can improve their stage presence with an affordable stage backdrop or a set of stage scrims. We know – we are biased. But it’s true, a backdrop or scrims can do amazing things for any band.

For sizes, we recommend 6’x6’ for the stage scrims, and for the stage backdrop you can consider 8’x10’, 10’x15’, 20’x25’ or any size in between or above. Give us a shout – Mendy would love to talk with you to find the right size for your band.

2. Practice Your Moves

At Northcoast Banners, we believe that great performance on stage at your shows is 90 percent preparation and 10 percent execution. Practicing your movements on stage and the specific synchronicity of your moves and your music is absolutely critical – BEFORE your shows.

We have worked with hundreds of bands on their stage backdrops and band scrims, and we’ve watched their shows with their band backdrops or stage scrims in action. We have learned a key lesson: regardless of how well designed the stage backdrop is or how awesome the music sounds, the movements on stage and general vibe from the band members bodies can make the show fly or die. So practice, practice, practice.

3. Design A Stunning Band Backdrop Or Band Scrims

Having seen hundreds of designs from hundreds of bands across the US and Canada, we have gained a lot of insight into what good design looks like – specifically for bands. We have learned:

• Bright colors that contrast sharply against each other create a sharp, vibrant design that will be noticed by everyone in your audience – even in low light venues
• Pastel colors – soft colors like pink, grey, green and purple – blend in with each other and do NOT pop on stage, especially in low-light venues
• Simplicity is best, and less is more. Keep it really simple and minimal, because the less that is on the stage backdrop or stage scrims, the more your actual logo will POP in your fan’s eyeballs.

4. Practice Your Music

This one sounds pretty obvious, but unfortunately many bands miss this foundational point entirely. Music is about practicing – performing is about executing. Your band needs to view the performance on stage – and the stage presence – as the act of execution. If you take this approach, your band will focus a lot more on practicing as a goal in and of itself. Then, the rest (playing on stage) is cakewalk.

Want more tips or information about buying a custom band backdrop or stage scrims for your band? Let us know – we’ll be happy to talk with your band.

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Winners Of A Stunning Set Of 6’x6′ Band Scrims Or Stage Backdrop!

Here’s the winners of our latest special!

If You Won

Email Mendy by clicking here to claim your prize! You’re about to look like a real class act on stage with your stunning scrims or a backdrop.

If You Weren’t Lucky Today You Can Be Lucky Tomorrow

It’s really easy to order a set of scrims with us – and very affordable. We’ve got some great prices for scrims for your band, so email me today and get your scrims so you can legit at every single show!

Superbowl News: Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Roots Will Play At Concerts

Photo: Heather Kaplan

Don’t forget: it ain’t all about the half-time show, there’s a bunch of really cool concerts happening during the week of the big final game.

The Foo Fighers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Roots are set to play this year too. The Bud Light Hotel will host these concerts on a cruise ship docked at the Hudson river.

Check out the schedule here:

  • Thursday, Jan. 30 – EA SPORTS™ Party featuring a “History of Hip Hop” concert hosted by The Roots and featuring Run-DMC, Busta Rhymes and special guests
  • Friday, Jan. 31 – “Pandora Presents” party featuring Imagine Dragons
  • Saturday, Feb. 1 – Bud Light Main Event concert featuring Foo Fighters and Zac Brown Band
  • Sunday, Feb. 2 – Pepsi and Bud Light pre-game concert featuring Fall Out Boy and Jake Owen

Source: COS

Nirvana, Kiss and Linda Ronstadt Inducted Into Hall of Fame

Photo: Getty Images

Nirvana, Kiss and Linda Ronstadt are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame next year.

According to President and chief executive of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Joel Peresman, Nirvana was “really no surprise to me”. This award is special in other ways; it’s been 20 years since their frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

Source: Billboard.com



The Glitch Mob Releases New Single Can’t Kill Me

So, fans of The Glitch Mob! Here’s their new single that they will release tomorrow.

Keep checking back here on our site for music news, we’ll be updating our site regularly with cool nuggets of music news that you may miss otherwise.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

Why choose Northcoast Banners for your band’s Stage Backdrops and Band Scrims? Learn what our customers say about our stage banners.

Ryan Maloney, Chemicals of Democracy:

Stage Backdrops“You and your team did a GREAT job with the C.O.D. banner.  From the first phone call with one of your representatives to receiving the banner in exactly the way we expected it…  it was a great experience!”

Scott Trudeau, Tribute, a celebration of Allman Brothers:

Stage Backdrops“Everyone in the band and all our family, friends and fans were blown away with how good our backdrop looked. So, from all of us, THANK YOU! We are so happy with the banners you made for us several months ago. We’ve been using those and have received plenty of compliments on them!”

Jon-Paul LeClair, Bad Habitz:
backdrops for bands - 1 - header photo bad habitz

“The banner looked great – as always! We’re so proud to have it and will fly it with pride every time. Mendy and the crew at Northcoast are driven to absolute customer commitment. Northcoast has been THE BEST throughout the entire process of obtaining our backdrop.”

Jon King, 3 Pill Morning:

8'x8' Stage Stackdrop

“We love em. Thanks again!”








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Video: How To Buy Band Backdrops And Stage Scrims

Here’s our first video in a new series of videos how to buy band backdrops and stage scrims for your band, check it out, leave a comment and subscribe!

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10 Amazing Photos Of Band Backdrops And Stage Scrims

We love printing band backdrops and stage scrims for bands. What’s more, we love seeing insanely cool action photos of our band backdrops and scrims on stage, being used by the amazing bands that we love working with. Here’s 12 amazing photos of some of the stage backdrops and band scrims we’ve recently printed for bands all over the US and Canada.

1. Big Mama Band Backdrop for Icon For Hire

This 20’x25′ is just a killer stage backdrop: it’s HUGE, and you’re guaranteed that every single person in your audience will remember your logo if they turn up this show.

Stage backdrop 20'x25'

2. Bright Colors On Outdoor Stage Scrims for Skya = Makes An Impact

Syka got some beautiful 6’x6′ stage scrims from us over a year ago. This is just a stunning example of how a set of scrims can make your band look really, really sharp on stage.

Syka stage scrims

3. Bad Habitz Wins A Stage Backdrop And Designs It Beautifully

Bad Habitz won a free stage backdrop in our recent Special. They did an incredible job on the artwork, you can clearly see how much of a difference this beautifully designed banner makes on stage.

8x10 stage backdrop

4. 3 Pill Morning 8’x8’s – This One Is Just Awesome

This photo is perhaps one the most killer photos I’ve seen of our stage banners – just, wow!

8'x8' stage backrop

5. Daybreak Design POPS In Your Eyeballs In These 6’x6’s

Daybreak just got these banners last week – they are a pair of 6’x6 band scrims, and we’re confident they’ll be seeing a bigger crowd now that they have such an eye-pleasing image on stage.

6'x6' stage scrims

6. Ghostship With Their 8’x12′ Stage Backdrop

This dye sublimated poly poplin banner is just stunning – we love their bright design and how this size fits their stage perfectly. Colors will pop strongly on our dye sub poly poplin material, which is a beautiful fabric for banners.

8x12 band backdrop

7. Beyond Fate Goes Wild With Their Stage Scrims

They got the right idea: stage scrims equals have a lot of fun on stage.

6x6 stage scrims

8. Tuscan Road OWNS This Stage

Tuscan Road got a pair of beautiful 3’x7’s and a 12’x15 for this stage set up. They literally own this stage with their unique music, look and feel.

15x12 and 3x7 stage banners

9. 23 EXP Looks Fantastic With Vertical Banners

23 EXP understands the beauty of vertical banners – they don’t take up a whole lot of space on a small stage, and these 3’x6′ vertical banners look amazing and will have a huge impact at any show. Notice how they make the stage look exciting and fun, while not taking up precious space. This can work for even very small clubs and bars, where you may not have room for larger band scrims or a stage backdrop.

3x7 stage vertical banners

10. Design That Pops On 6’x6′ Stage Scrims – Ghostfeeders

Ghostfeeders designed their banner really simple, and you can see how a simple design POPS really well even it very dimly lit venues with their 6’x6′ band scrims.

6'x6' band scrims

That’s a wrap! For more photos, check out our gallery. If you’d like to get your own band backdrop or stage scrims, please email Mendy – I’d be happy to work with your band on the perfect size for your shows.