What is jersey mesh

For band banners or backdrops, the choice of material is a significant one. Jersey mesh is an exceptional option for bands looking to make a lasting visual statement, and jersey mesh banners offer numerous benefits versus cloth band banners

What Exactly Is Jersey mMesh?

Jersey mesh is a material primarily composed of synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon. A pattern of small, diamond-shaped perforations is evenly distributed across the fabric, allowing a seamless passage of air. 

This quality makes jersey mesh a great choice for outdoor events, as it is highly resilient against strong wind conditions.

3 Advantages of Jersey Mesh Material

Here are the benefits of jersey mesh material to help you understand why it’s worth thinking about jersey mesh for your band backdrop or scrim. 

  • Wind Resistant: The perforations of jersey mesh allow air to flow freely, preventing any potential risk to a banner blowing over due to windy conditions, perfect for outdoor gigs.
  • Clean & Bold Visuals: Ink attaches to jersey mesh more effectively than other materials, ensuring your eye-catching design lasts. 
  • Long-Lasting & Durable: Jersey mesh material can last significantly longer than other banner types, making it a smart investment for your future.

What Is The Difference Between Jersey Mesh and Regular Mesh?

Jersey mesh has more of a fabric type of feel to it, while regular mesh usually refers to vinyl mesh. Vinyl mesh is like your standard vinyl banner, with tiny holes in it – hence the ‘mesh’ name.

While vinyl mesh is the most commonly used outdoor banners, our customers will sometimes choose jersey mesh since it also allows air and music to flow through, while featuring a more higher-end look with the cloth like texture.

Customize Your Jersey Mesh Band Backdrop Today

Jersey mesh is a smart investment for a musician looking for a long-lasting and durable band scrim. We can get you your customized band backdrop fast. And if you have any questions on how to create your own band scrim, contact us today!

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