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What is a stage skrim?

What is a stage skrim? A stage skrim, more commonly spelled “scrim,” is a freestanding display banner a band uses to emphasize their stage design.  Typically, bands order scrims that are 5×5 feet, 6×6 feet, or 8×8 feet, and they always come as a set of two. Because they come as a pair, you can […]

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Flame Retardant Banners in Music Venues

There is a heightened risk of fires in small spaces like clubs and music venues. Therefore, flame retardant materials are required by law to improve fire safety. NorthCoast Banners provides flame retardancy certificates for band banners and stage scrims.  The Need for Flame Retardant Materials We’ve all been watching the devastating news of fires around […]

Cloth Band Backdrops VS Mesh Backdrops

To print a band backdrop on cloth? Or to print banner on vinyl mesh? That is the question.  Cloth Band Backdrops – Pros & Cons A cloth band backdrop is an excellent option for bands that are on tour a lot. They don’t wrinkle or crease like mesh and they weigh less than half […]

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How To Prepare Artwork For Banner Printing

How should I design my artwork so it’s clear for a large stage backdrop? Not surprisingly, banner design is a commonly asked question among many bands and graphic designers. Since graphic design for brochures, social media and other marketing uses are typically smaller spaces, many designs are not set up for printing large format band […]