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How To Create A Budget For Your Band

If you are in a band or are thinking of starting a band, then you know that it can be expensive. There are many costs associated with running a band, from recording and marketing expenses to tour costs and more. That’s why it is important to create a budget for your band – and stick […]

10 Bands You Should Watch In 2022

If you’re a music lover, then you know that there are always new bands popping up and gaining popularity. It can be hard to keep track of them all, especially if you’re not sure which ones are worth your time. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 15 bands that we think will be […]

Band Branding With A Custom Stage Backdrop

Like so many of us, you probably spent the last two years or so inside your house; after the sourdough bread making and tiktok challenges wore off, you likely found yourself with quite a bit of time to do some necessary thinking and reflecting. Maybe you started thinking about marketing your band when things open […]

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5 Tips For Buying 8’x10′ Band Backdrops In 2022

You’ve already dropped several tracks from your newly formed band, and you’re getting regular gigs. It’s time to start branding your band with an 8’x10′ band backdrop! Since the live event performance sector is so heavily soaked in visuals, it’s critical that your band has a band backdrop so that your brand can be recognizable […]

What is a stage skrim?

What is a stage skrim? A stage skrim, more commonly spelled “scrim,” is a freestanding display banner a band uses to emphasize their stage design.  Typically, bands order scrims that are 5×5 feet, 6×6 feet, or 8×8 feet, and they always come as a set of two. Because they come as a pair, you can […]